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Erik ten Hag has created problems for himself at Manchester United transfer, but at least that’s good. The club has long been in a state of optimistic anticipation. It belongs to the man who won Champions League football after a six-year trophy drought as manager at Old Trafford.

But the problem for Ten Hag is that he overperformed in Year 1, so he has to find a way to build on his initial success and do better next season. As shown in Saturday’s 2-1 FA Cup final defeat by Manchester City (replay live on ESPN+), Manchester United transfer¬† have hit the ground running in their ultimate challenge to return to the top flight. The summit occupied by City is still a long way off.

Ten Hag’s next step is to make Manchester United transfer the best of the rest. His squad is still too flexible, Manchester United transfer¬† roster is shallow and Manchester City have realistic hopes of lifting the Premier League title next season, but they need to catch and defend against Arsenal, who finished second this season, to progress. Liverpool The challenges of Newcastle United and Chelsea.

All four of these teams will be better next season, so either their recent signings will have time to bed down or new summer arrivals will bolster depth and quality. In Chelsea’s case, It is the arrival of new manager Mauricio Pochettino who will finally bring some stability and focus to Stamford Bridge. But the big question for United is, will they be better next season?

At Manchester United transfer, Eric Salah has made things difficult for himself, but at least he’s talented. The group has been upbeat for a while. He ended a six-year trophy drought while managing Old Trafford by winning the Champions League.

Ten Hag must figure out a method to capitalize on his early success and perform better the next year because he overperformed in Year 1. After being defeated 2-1 by Manchester City in the FA Cup final on Saturday, the challenge of returning to the top flight has increased. (As seen in real time on ESPN+) There is still a long way to go until Manchester City reaches the top.

The next task for Ten Hag is to improve United transfer. His staff is too adaptable. Realistically, Manchester City can win the Premier League title the next year. However, they must catch up with and defend against Arsenal, who finished their second season this year. Liverpool pushed Chelsea and Newcastle United. klik this

Whether or not their recent signings contribute to it, all four of these teams will get better the next year. The depth and quality will increase as a new summer approaches. The arrival of Mauricio Pochettino as Chelsea’s new manager will finally restore stability and focus to Stamford Bridge. The real concern for United, however, is whether they will get

manchester united transferbetter the following year.

In the days and weeks ahead, there will be a lot of unresolved problems. The ownership structure of the club is the most important of all the variables. The Glazer family will they remain? Are they for sale? Are you attempting to sell a portion of their stock while holding back a portion? For more than six months, Ten Hag did nothing to affect the result of those inquiries.

The future of goalkeeper David De Gea, whose contract expires at the end of June, can, however, be decided with certainty. Although sources have told ESPN that De Gea is close to signing a new deal, his numerous errors have tormented United in recent months and he was responsible for Ilkay Gundogan’s winning goal in the FA Cup final. The former Spain international should be fired and a new No. 1 should be found if the Ten Hag want to hasten United’s ascent to the top. Money will be scarce at Old Trafford due to the ¬£220 million signing fee from last year. De Gea must continue to survive because his commercial income has decreased recently and he has other priorities to attend to. klik this for more information